Olivia Daugherty

Graphic Design

Graduating from the Art Institute of York—Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design, Olivia has experience in agency and publishing environments and is familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud programs on Mac and PC platforms.

Click here to download her resume, or view her portfolio below.


Filling the Dance Card

The Victrola Dance Hall specializes in mid-twentieth-century social dancing. In order to encourage first-time dancers to get involved in the local dance scene, dance facilitators and class instructors would send new dancers home with a weekly schedule of classes and a free pass to the studio’s weekly social dance.


PRactical Patient Paperwork

When seeing a patient for the first time, it is important to have a comprehensive snapshot of their health and current status regarding medical conditions, medications, and pain, especially when it comes to massage. Lancaster Medical Massage knew that patient-friendly paperwork was essential to getting the information necessary to caring for their patients, and requested a double-sided intake form that was easy for a patient to fill out, quick for a therapist to read before the appointment, and branded.


The Weiler Wedding

Married in June, Angela and Dalton wanted to include their favorite piece of scripture in their wedding invitations, and have imagery reminiscent of their wedding’s outdoor venue and decorations.


Caring for Cancer Patients

When patients receive a cancer diagnosis, it can be overwhelming and intimidating to sort through all the options available for treatment. To make this information more easily accessible to newly diagnosed patients, Susquehanna Health compiled a booklet with photos from its multiple cancer care centers and paired it with information about all the treatment options available from diagnosis through survivorship.


Orchestral Reductions

A professional trombonist, Bobby Fisco takes everything from orchestral suites to pop songs, and rearranges for performances by brass quintets, quartets, and solo instruments. A cover template made it much easier to take his arrangements from notepad to publisher and available to musicians wherever sheet music is sold.


Snapping a Proposal

Denesh and Rika had already gotten engaged, but wanted to celebrate their engagement in a way that was uniquely them. Since the two had a multi-continent courtship, they communicated primarily through Snapchat, and decided that a proposal-themed geofilter was the perfect addition to their engagement party.


Working with Patients in Pain

As drug overdoses increased in Pennsylvania, doctors were advised to change their approach in prescribing medicines for patients with pain. In order to make the transition smoother for doctors and their patients, PinnacleHealth commissioned an infographic that provides statistics statewide overdoses and informed patients what to expect from their doctor regarding prescriptions to treat their pain in the future.


Sing with Jenny!

As an active member in her community, Jenny Florinicia often donates hour-long voice lessons as prizes to raffles and auctions that support local nonprofits and charities. In addition to featuring as the information for the winning big or ticket, the flyer also doubled as promotional material for Jenny’s studio, sending readers to her website to schedule a lesson.


Community Concerts

The Lampeter-Strasburg Community Band partners with the local YMCA to hold concerts every Sunday during the summer. In order to encourage community attendance, the band placed signs along the roads leading to the YMCA to broadcast their concerts.